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We will consider cases concerning Exploration, Business Consulting,  Analysis Forecasting,
Technology Developments, Political & Current Events, Medical & Scientific Research,  Lost & Stolen, Criminal Cases

& Missing Persons.

We offer a bespoke consultation service.


Searching for an area of historical significance? Trying to locate natural resources? A different quest entirely?Our services could greatly assist you with these and other explorations regardless of where they are.


Archeology, marine archeology, historical exploration, marine salvage, marine exploration & resource exploration are some of the areas that we work with. Having us by your side can save you precious time and significantly reduce your costs.


We'll produce an analysis that suggests the  best approach for moving forward based on the intelligence & data gathered.


& Analysis.

Trying to stay ahead of your competitors isn't always easy. 

Business or politics can be tough.

We could assist you with technology solutions, investment forecasts & outcome forecasts.


Having an insight on your competitors, deciding on the best way forward, predicting movements on a particular price of a commodity, or the outcome of a sporting wager.


Our analysis will give you the most likely outcome based on the intelligence & data gathered .


Lost or stolen objects, criminal cases, cold cases & missing persons.

We investigate from a different perspective using skills that law enforcement and other investigators would not normally use.

This doesn't make us any better, but it does allow us to use a different approach to each particular case using our skills based on the intelligence & data gathered.


Medical, Scientific & Research Analysis.

We investigate health Issues & medical diagnosis. medical mysteries, scientific research, research developments & possible solutions to problems.


We're not medical specialists or doctors but our approach could help to find a possible alternative to a particular case and may offer an alternative route to consider based on the intelligence & data gathered.