Optic 3  have been interviewed on podcast in England by Nigel Royle (All These Great Questions) which is available to a worldwide audience at Anchor.FM & Spotify & for a TV documentary interview in South Africa by award winning film maker William Hylton Calder Collinson. (www.williamcollinson.com)


Listen to our Podcast interview at the following links.







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Optic 3 have recently been interviewed by award winning South African film maker, cinematographer and director William Hylton Calder Collinson. (www.williamcollinson.com).


The interview is due to be networked to worldwide tv companies later this year and aired from early 2023.

It is part of an interview on Remote Viewing and not only features some prominent friends & colleagues from around the world including Stephan A Schwartz & Lyn Buchanan but the interview also asks the questions that gets all the answers in explaining how, what, why, where & when in what is sure to be an eye opening insight into the history, inner workings & the future of this amazing profession that is known to very few and practiced by even fewer across the globe.

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